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本次形象照概念,以單眼皮品牌核心意念「美感角度」出發在平面中劃出直線,並使用不飽和色為視覺基調作為臨邊,希望呈現專屬於女孩的透明感則作為斜邊,最終,畫出一只完美的 90° 直角三角形,正符合單眼皮女孩追求美的事物,不偏不倚的美感角度。

「Aesthetic point of view」

Euclid, the father of geometry once said “On a flat surface, two lines that are not parallel will touch, and create what is known as an angle.” Similarly, the line that is your own aesthetic view, will touch that of EyexGirl, and form an angle. A special, quantifiable, ‘aesthetic angle’, where your view and ours harmonize to reveal a shared appreciation for beauty.

The current concept embraces the idea creating ‘aesthetic angles’ from lines on a flat surface, forming corners with translucent colors, and crafting the perfect right angle triangle exclusively for the young woman who appreciates EyexGirl’s concept of aesthetic perfection.