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Inheritance Map AW16 Collection

Inheritance map


以現代都會的西裝、襯衫為主軸,講究Tailoring造工藝術,略除繁雜裝飾設計結構,體現細緻富有層次的線條剪裁。打破城市與年代的氛圍框架,創造出依戀經典且現代都會風格的美好時代,展現Inheritance map的品牌態度。


Inheritance Map2016秋冬主題「Brutalism

InheritanceMap 2016秋冬系列以1950年代新興建築風格為靈感來源。Brutalism譯為粗獷主義,屬於建築流派的一環。因使用低成本的鋼筋混凝土做為建築材料並強調功能性設計,在二戰後時期經濟低迷時代相當盛行。受到建材的影響,建築整體風格在毛糙、沉重並具粗野感的形式中尋求出路。本季受到Brutalism的啟發,整體廓型及剪裁上以方正的建築結構為主,面料採用剛硬且不同質量的毛料搭配厚磅數針織棉來呈現風格的粗獷感。色系上以建築常見的灰、黑、白等大地色系為主要色調。整體而言,InheritanceMap2016秋冬系列結合素材選料及服裝廓型之變化,體現出50年代戰後Brutalism建築風格與特色。


Inheritance Map 2016 Autumn/Winter Brutalism

InheritanceMap’s DNA has always been in the realm of suiting and challenging thedefinition of tailoring. For Fall/Winter 2016 the brand takes inspiration fromthe architectural movement in the 1950s so called Brutalism. Brutalistarchitecture, known for its emphasis on raw materials, unfinishedtextures, and massive form construction that produced an organic silhouette,was highly popular in the post-war era for its low budget material butincredibly functional design.


Taking inspiration from the nature of raw concrete and the expressiveforms, the overall silhouette is boxy and structured, which is achieved byusing different weight of stiff fabrics such as cool wool as well as heavierweight cotton-blend knit and Ponte Roma. The collection consists of grey huesas major color palette with a little hint of earthy tones that compliment thecollection. Overall, the Brutalist vibe can be seen through the distincttexture of the fabric and constructed silhouette that echoes the raw elementsof the Brutalist buildings.